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Presence in the dogs that we breed


Owned by Paul Lekiba & sons, Heavyweight Boerboel kennel is a registered member of South African Boerboel Breeders Society (SABBS). We are situated in Randfontein, west of Johannesburg. 

For us it all started in 2006 when we bought our first unregistered boerboel by the name of Tiger. It was not after long and we started to fall in love with this gentle giant and the breed. What was compelling was the gentleness and protective instinct the dog demonstrated around family and our kids. 

We immediately knew that we could never live without a boerboel going forward. It was from there the love for breeding boerboels was born. We got our first registered boerboel in 2008, and were to officially register as breeding kennel with SABBS in 2009.

It was from 2009 when we underwent a hard learning curve about boerboels and the breed standards.  It was around this time we came across Johan and Yolanda Bouwer of Bouwer Boerboel Kennel, the family we now regard as our true friends. This family gave us selfless support and mentoring while enroute to build our kennel.  It has been a much challenging endurance, but very rewarding as well. 

Our curiosity to remodel our kennel to be among the top kennels in the world that bred this magnificent animal continued past 2009.  It was during this period we came across Mr Samuel Motloung of Artifacts Boerboel Kennel, based in Heilbron and Moscow Muthudi who owns Josmot Kennel which is based in Botswana.  We found ourselves aligning very strongly to what these two breeders believed in, in terms of the quality and stature of a boerboel we were aiming to breed.  There would not be a day that went past where we had not discussed the breed and our vision where we wanted to take our kennels towards.  We all shared the same sentiments. 


At Heavyweight Boerboels not only do we breed boerboels of high quality recognizable among top quality boerboels around the world, but we also provide training sessions for all types of dogs at clients’ houses.  We hold a peculiar interest in having dogs that are well mannered, particularly big dogs which can pose very serious danger if not properly trained.  It was this interest that compelled us to take up a dog training course with South African Dog Training College.

At Heavyweight Boerboels, we are guided by three most important things we strive towards achieving:

  • Temperament
  • Structure
  • Presence in the dogs that we breed.

We strongly aspire to align to SABBS breeding standards as much as we possibly can in order to continue improving the boerboel breed.

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