The Goddess In You!


Being an organic brand, our products have been tested child friendly. We recognise the importance of hair care for children, especially through the generational struggle of embracing ones natural hair, as well as the miseducation of taking care of ones kinks and coils. We support parents through getting to know their kids natural hair and to realise its potential. With Afrodite Organics this has all been made possible. 


In the natural hair community, many people know that it is not a walk in the park. In fact, its like a walk in a beautiful storm sent from the heavens. Either way, we love nature and all it has to offer. We understand that it is not an easy journey, it is one that takes much personal time and effort, but one that can be made simpler and much more effortless with Afrodite Organics. 

Irrespective of culture and heritage, most woman identify with the importance, as well as the challenges of being able to style and craft their hair, to the extent that it is an ever evolving physical expression of their personality. 

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